Acid Attack – First Aid Advice

Remove! Remove! Remove!

Acid attacks in the UK and across the world are on the rise. They’re a saddening reality on our streets and increasingly the events industry are looking at ways to combat this sickening offence.

Updated guidance released this year encourages bystanders and those exposed to hazardous chemicals as part of an acid attack they should:

  1. Remove yourself from the immediate area/get away from the attacker to prevent further exposure to the substance.
  2. Remove clothing soaked in the chemical. If you’re trying to assist someone affected be sure not to touch the acid with bare hands. Be careful not to peel away clothing stuck to skin.
  3. Remove the substance from your skin. You can soak up using a dry absorbent material, brush off if it is in powder form or if skin is itchy/painful continually rinse the skin using clean water.

It’s important to remember you should also REPORT to emergency services on 999 and RINSE until you are confident the substance has been removed.

Ambulance Scotland provide first aid training that prepares learners for real world situations. Find out more here.