Command and Control Vehicle


Primetech is one of the UK’s leading specialists in Blue Light sector mobile satellite communications and secure wi-fi technology.

So when Ambulance Scotland, Scotland’s largest private ambulance service, commissioned a new Command & Control Special Operations Support Unit, Primetech was a natural choice of technology partner.

This impressive addition to the vehicle fleet utilises Primetech’s integrated satellite system. It transforms the way ground level communications are managed by guaranteeing high speed data and voice communications between staff and enabling interoperability with other emergency services.

The fully automated, self seeking satellite system Ambulance Scotland has chosen works in conjunction with Primetech’s comprehensive range of communications services such as the Voice Over IP (VoIP), two way voice and data recording services and real time live image transfer.

Robert Wilson, Operations Manager of Ambulance Scotland, explains:

“We’ve always placed great importance on spending wisely and investing in high performing, state-of-the-art technology – which is why we approached Primetech to assist with our new vehicle. The very nature of the work we do and the events that we attend means we are often already on site, and first at the scene of an emergency. It’s vital that we can communicate with our staff, and with other Blue Light services, irrespective of whether there are conventional networks available.”

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